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Become a member with the Roller Derby Shirt Club and you will receive a new roller derby shirt every month featuring a roller derby league from around the world. We’ve featured derby leagues from the USA, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. Now you can wear t-shirts from international roller derby leagues, big and small. A monthly subscription – perfect as a gift for a roller derby skater or fan (or referee, announcer, photographer, etc) or for yourself. Support local roller derby and support derby leagues all around the world. Each team we feature also receives t-shirts for them to give to their skaters or sell as a fundraiser. You can also purchase past roller derby t-shirts from our past featured leagues in our store. If we are sold out, we encourage you to contact the league and directly purchase from them. Supporting them helps to keep their league active so their skaters and skate and their fans can enjoy roller derby, the fastest-growing sport around. Sign up at the top of this page. Derby love!