Roller Derby Shirt Club

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How does my league’s shirt get to be featured in the club?
First, fill out this form!

What type of design are you looking for?
We are really looking for unique designs with high quality artwork in good taste. Keep in mind we have both men and women customers, so the design needs to work for both. They must be of an actual league or team, not a derby company. We prefer not to use designs that are easily available on the leagues website, so if you can send an original design, exclusive to the club, that would be best. If you do not have an exclusive design for us, we may change it slightly by changing the ink colors and/or shirt color so that it stands out from your regular league merch. We can print up to 3 colors.

What are the specs for the artwork?
Well, your first submission could just be any low-res jpg file or link that clearly shows the design. This way we can get a good look at it and decide if we want to proceed. If your design is accepted, we will require a hi-res psd file that is color separated; that’s when each color is on it’s own layer. If you need help with this, hunt down one of your fancy designer friends, and they can explain further, or just email us for help.

Do I need to send you the shirts?
Nope! Actually, we print all of our shirts in our screen shop so you do not need to do anything except provide us with the artwork. You do not need to pay us any money, send us any product, or do any work whatsoever, other than allow us to use your artwork. The artwork remains your artwork; we only use it for the month that we feature your shirt, and we may use it for promotional purposes, and on our website. We only print one batch, just enough for our customers for that month, plus a few extra in case some get lost in the mail.

How does my league benefit from being a part of the club?
Aside from the promotion you will get for being featured, and the fact that hundreds of derby folks around the world will own your shirt, your league will also receive free shirts with your logo.

If you are interested in submitting your artwork, please fill out this form.