Roller Derby Shirt Club

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How It Works

Here is how the Roller Derby Shirt Club works….

What is Roller Derby Shirt Club? 
Roller Derby Shirt Club is a subscription t-shirt service. Once you become a member, you will receive either a limited edition t-shirt or a team/league logo t-shirt from a roller derby league once a month. A different league is featured every month. If you order a three or six-month subscription, you will get 3 or 6 shirts total, however, if you order a one-year subscription, you will get a bonus shirt, making it 13 shirts total!

What all do I get? 
Every month you will receive a top quality, brand new T-shirt, along with information about the featured league. Our one-year subscribers will get one month added to their membership, making it 13 shirts per year.

How do you decide which league to promote? 
We choose the month’s shirt by going through all of the submissions and picking the most awesome design or by contacting the leagues ourselves. We are pretty strict about what shirts we pick. They must be high quality artwork and in good taste.

How Much Will It Cost? 
Please check our store for current pricing:

Shirts may have our logo on the sleeve or elsewhere on the shirt.

Roller Derby Shirt Club also makes a perfect gift for that awesome roller derby person in your life. Just make sure you use their address as the shipping address. Or contact us immediately after purchase to let us know who to really send it to.

What shipping service do you use? 
We use USPS for all shipping services. They will be shipped in white garment bags specifically for shipping apparel. You will not receive any tracking numbers for your shipments, however if you email us, we may be able to provide one.

How soon till I get my first shirt?
Please allow up to one month after you sign up before your first shirt arrives.

We ship throughout the month, in batches, so depending on where you live, you may get your shirt toward the end of each month. If you don’t have your shirt within 30 days of sign up, email us and we can figure out where it might be. But please wait till the entire month before inquiring, as it may still be in transit. In some rare cases, depending on our derby and “real life” schedule, we can get behind on shipping and may actually double up by sending 2 shirts the following month.

How do I know I will like the shirt? Can I see it first and decide? 
You need some mystery in your life. You most likely won’t know what the shirt design is until you get it! We know you won’t be disappointed. But….. if you are, you can simply transfer the rest of your subscription to a friend who will totally appreciate it. Just contact us.

Isn’t this a lot of money to drop at once on something I can’t even see first? 
Yes, I suppose so. You can always beg your friends and family for a membership for your birthday or holiday gift. However, we just started offering 3-month memberships for those who can’t commit to much longer or just want to try it out first. We also put some of our leftover shirts (extras that did not get shipped) online for sale, but they are in limited quantities and sizes. Checking out our shirt archive will show you what you may expect.

What if i want to change my size or address? 
You can update your size and/or shipping address at any time by emailing us at

Can my league be involved? 
If your league would like to have a shirt added to the club, click here for more information, and get in touch with us. If you have a roller derby company and would like to give us items to send to our members, (promotional products, stickers, business cards, etc) we definitely want to talk to you!

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