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Posted on Aug 18, 2014




Clovis, New Mexico

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The Blackwater Bombshells are a small home-town team and a true mosaic of locals, college students, military members and spouses from nearby Cannon Air Force Base. Some members hail from as far away as Alaska, Germany, and Japan; contributing many different skill sets and perspectives that make this team truly unique!

Originally formed as a part of Clovis Roller Derby in July of 2012, they have since accepted membership with the Route 66 Amarillo Derby Association, a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Apprentice League. Because of the isolated location of the league in eastern New Mexico, the Blackwater Bombshells love to travel year-round to many states including: OK, TX, CO, AZ, and NV (RollerCon!). And if you are ever in the car with them don’t fall asleep or you might wake up with a mustache, if you’re lucky.

The Blackwater Bombshells logo is created by local artist Ethan Lewis in honor of one of the most significant archeology sites of North American, the Blackwater Draw National Historical Landmark located nearby. The site documents the earliest Paleo-indian cultures in North America, and displays artifacts that are over 13,000 years old!

As with most leagues, when the Blackwater Bombshells are not on the track they are operating as a non-profit organization, making a big impact in their small community by running charity events and fundraisers for local organizations and supporting local small businesses. Most notably they support and work frequently with the Light House Mission, Hope Defined, and the Salvation Army. They can also be found at skate parks in the community holding free training events, recruiting new skaters and non-skating officials, and generally having a great time together. They hope to start a juniors team next spring.

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