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Posted on May 8, 2014





This month’s league hails from Paris, France!

“The Lutèce Destroyeuses are a bunch of fearless girls who think that there’s no such word as “impossible”. And they proved it: they practiced outside when it was 14°F, and recently, they won their last bout with only 10 skaters.Their journey in the Roller Derby world started in August 2011 with a handful of skaters. Carmen Cru-elle and Dropkick Droogie showed them the way and the league has grown up fast and now counts about sixty members.They won’t stop here! The Lutèce Destroyeuses will keep preaching the DerbyWord.

What do people say about them? The strongest team spirit ever! The best after parties! And above all, a team with a serious sense of humor.Yes, the Lutèce Destroyeuses is a funny bunch : Coach Monkey Bizness will buy you a round if you can knock him down on the track, Ref Tefli has a panda phobia, Hurt Beating wears socks with her flip flops, Sainte Pouf Piaf can’t hold her drink, Coach Poupa Test is a pornstache enthusiast, Head or Fail is allergic to speed limits, No Name No Skills moans about people moaning, Dammit Janet is Belgian (French private joke), License to Wheel only wears blue socks, don’t play a trick on Sgt. Pepper unless you want to take a closer look at the floor, Méli McSly is still waiting for someone to buy her a Hoverboard, Mini Minx keeps it quiet, Heat Delirium is probably the craziest of all, Gally Berty is a unique specimen of Kiwinosaurus, Crash Peste is kind of a huge Calimero,Atomic Girl andWild Grrrl went to challenge the FARC and we are pretty sure that RedVolta washes her hair with unicorn’s urine to maintain such a silky mane. That’s just a glimpse of what is waiting for you.

Anyway… Come see it with your own eyes.”

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