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Posted on May 8, 2014






This month’s league hails from Birmingham, England!

The league was formed in 2006 as Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames (BB*DD), only the second league in the UK. The Dames’ first ever bout (and the first interleage bout in he UK!) was against the mighty London Rockin’ Rollers on the 27th of October 2007, with the Dames taking the win by 1 nail biting point! Since then, the Dames have played teams from all over the UK and Europe, appeared in tournaments such as Roll Britannia (2009) and Tattoo Freeze (2012), as well as taking on an early incarnation of Team Canada in 2008, and more recently team All Ireland before their trip to the World Cup. We’ve also had a name change (dropping the ‘derby’) and over the past year or so have taken in dozens of promising new skaters who are snapping at the heels of the A team – we’re currently in the process of setting up a B team.

Above all, the Dames love a challenge – we love taking on tough teams who we can learn from and we are known for playing with a lot of heart, cheered on by our amazing fans. Our current roster is an exciting mix of seasoned players (including Violet Attack, Team England, and Roisin Roulette, Team All Ireland) and formidable newer skaters like Taylor Trash.

When we’re not on track, Dames can be found doing a variety of off skates training, as well as recruiting new skaters at every opportunity – all followed by a well deserved drink and cake!


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